The exhibition “Jeweler’s golden hands” dedicated to international jewelry’s day opened in Turkestan 

The exhibition “Jeweler’s golden hands” dedicated to international jewelry’s day opened in Turkestan 

31.01.2019 Off 76

OQSYZ. On the eve of the International Day of the Jeweler in the State Historical and Cultural Reserve-Museum “Azret Sultan” the exhibition “Golden Hands of the Jeweler” opened, devoted to the article by Nursultan Nazarbayev “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”.

The exhibition featured more than 100 exhibits from the museum, including jewelry from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, various objects of applied art.
The event was attended by masters of applied art, schoolchildren, intellectuals and museum staff.

At the event, dedicated to the presentation of historical exhibits and the exchange of data about them, the director of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve Museum “Azret Sultan” Akhmetzhanov Nurbolat Kadyrovich congratulated the audience on the holiday.

– At the time of its creation in 1978, there were only 700 exhibits in the fund of the Azret Sultan reserve-museum, their scale has expanded and today there are more than 24 thousand exhibits. Of these, 13,629 are numismatic, 5,175 are archaeological, and 2,919 are written monuments. Among the 2698 ethnographic exhibits, there are more than 800 jewelry and jewelry that have an unique feature and elegance. Recently, President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the article “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe” in the section “Ancient Metallurgy of the Steppe” impacted on someone a deep thought about it. Our ancestors made ornaments of iron. Our main task is to preserve and pass on from generation to generation valuable things that are expanding every day and are included in the fund. The culture and art of the Kazakh people, the versatility of craftsmanship in various, including ornamental, covered, valuable things, telling the form of self-worthy classes is based on the deep philosophy of the world. Each visitor who has visited the exhibition will be able to study the history and its authorship, the essence “, said the director of the museum-reserve Nurbolat Akhmetzhanov.

Also, the director of the Turkestan City Ethnopedagogical College, Serim Ayganim Abanovna, spoke about the role of Kazakh jewelry in society, about the educational value for young people.

– “We link our past and present, As for the metallurgical industry, which was noted in the article” Seven Facets of the Great Steppe “, it is aimed at deep education and knowledge. Our ancestors have a deep knowledge of metallurgy. We can see that Esik “Golden man”, Taikazan and lamps in Holy Turkestan, jewelry. Respecting our ancestors for the stars and jewelry is a great tradition. Today’s generation should continue this tradition. At today’s exhibition, what is the deep education, the use of the belt and crates made of silver. And the rings were divided into different types. We should not destroy and modernize these values. This year I urge to mark the Year of the Youth as a year filled with historical knowledge and a revival of traditions and customs for young people “, said the director of the Turkestan City Ethnopedagogical College, Ayganim Abanovna.

During the exhibition, a resident of the city of Turkestan, the head of a circle of jewelry, a member of the Union of Applied Art Masters of Kazakhstan, a jeweler, Kalmyrza Tasov, organized a master class for visitors.

The exhibition, which was presented with objects and decorations of the ancient era, was visited by about 700 people in one day.