The construction of the Otrar Visit-centre is carried out at a high pace

The construction of the Otrar Visit-centre is carried out at a high pace

24.01.2019 Off 94

OQSYZ.Deputies of the Majlis of the Parliament of RK, members of the Committee for Social and Cultural Development visited Otrar Region. The guests arrived at Farabi’s homeland got acquainted with the construction of the Visit-centre of Otrar.

The purpose of the construction of the Visit-centre is to popularize the cultural heritage of the Otrar oasis in the country and abroad, to protect and preserve the objects of historical and cultural heritage that are located in Otrar Preserve Museum and to create a tourist centre that meets all the modern requirements for the tourism industry.

“Visit-centre of the ancient city of Otrar” is a unique object that should become the centre of the cultural tourism. The purpose of the construction of the Visit-centre is to create on the basis of Otrar Preserve Museum a center for communication, cultural information and creative innovations. It is planned to expand the function of the museum to the cultural, educational and image center and create the conditions for interaction with historical science, archeology, restoration, art history, ethnography.
The building of the Visit-centre is designed to organize and create the historical, cultural and tourist center, tourist routes, as well as a central repository interconnected with the museum and exhibition system, including museums, exhibition halls with the possibility of their integrated maintenance on the territory of the archaeological site of Otrar.

Visit-centre is a specialized storage facility for certain types of museum objects (items made of clay, metal, stone, and ceramics).
Exposure halls on the first and the second floors are provided for the placement of incoming exhibits. The halls of the expositions are designed for changes and adjustments of the functional programs in time.
On the second floor there is a common utility room for all rooms. The planning and artistic solution of the halls is made by the staff of the centre depending on the thematic structure of the specific exhibition (light, colour, background, etc.).
There are designed work rooms equipped with individual computers, printers, copying equipment, scanners, office furniture with modern design and functionality, which makes it possible to furnish the workplace and make rational use of the room for the centre staff on the second floor of the building. All office furniture meets ergonomic requirements. A scientific archive is designed for documenting and scientific description in order to ensure their safety and use for scientific purposes. The staff room is provided for the rest.
There is a lecture hall designed for 86 seats with a utility room on the ground floor. The lecture hall is intended for lectures of subscription groups, for individual visitors (meetings with researchers, etc.).
There is a wardrobe of outerwear, sanitary facilities, a cash desk, a tour desk for visitors.
There are premises of the depository in the basement. Fund storages are equipped with special museum shelves and cabinets. At fund storages special workplaces are provided for the work of employees who keep records of issued/received materials.
Workshops are designed for the restoration work and the manufacture of exhibition structures in the basement.
All workshops are equipped with specialized restoration equipment and furniture. Workplaces of specialists are equipped with office furniture, individual computers and printers.
For the invited specialists, as well as archaeologists working at the Otrar site, a dormitory building with 16 beds is provided.